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Creating Meaningful Impact

Art Hub was born when two young artists decided to try their hand at selling original art in the city of Birmingham, AL. What they found made their hearts ache...

Back in 2017, the art scene in Birmingham was much different than it is today. There were little resources to help artists navigate marketing and it seemed like if you knew the right people, you were allowed in certain art spaces. Then two artists, Tyler Wallace and Austin Gibbs decided to take matters into their own hands and create a community of artists and art lovers alike. This community was and is based off of inclusivity and the sharing of resources. 

Art Hub began sharing local art online all day every day which led to the first Art Hub market then called "Cove Fest" This event was created with minimal funds, located on a plot of land in Woodlawn. Cove Fest gathered musical, visual, and flow artists together for a special night of support and love for the arts. It was through this first event that Tyler and Austin realized there was so much room for local creatives to grow. Thus, the start of Art Hub the Collective. Over the years, Art Hub has grown into a Birmingham Art Advocation company bringing shows, markets, and resources to the city. 

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